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Oaky connects to and automatically sends personalised offers to your arriving guests.

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Sell more room upgrades, resell available rooms and drive more ancillary revenue.

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Let your guests design their entire stay: from the airport transfer and upgrading their room to adding breakfast and buying museum tickets.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How do you connect?
    We connect via API to It makes it possible for Oaky to receive and upsell to all reservations coming to your hotel via (without involving your PMS).
  • What is your business model?
    We charge a one-time setup fee from €527 and a monthly subscription fee of €1/room starting from €100/month.
    Example: For a 150-room hotel, the monthly subscription will be €150/month.
  • Is there commission charged on the requests?
    No. Upselling with Oaky is commission-free.
    We do this to help our hotels:
    1) Maximize profit per guest, and
    2) Be able to offer all types of services to enhance the guest experience.
  • Can I decide which offers are offered to my guests?
    Yes. Using your web-dashboard you can create new guest-facing deals in just one minute. It’s really simple.

Starting from €1 per room per month