Become a Rockstar
at Upselling.

Nr. 1 Upselling tool for hotels 2019 at

Become a Rockstar at Upselling

Nr. 1 upselling tool for hotels in 2019 on
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“Let me show  how Oaky works”

Oaky drives incremental revenue and enhances the guest experience through targeted pre-arrival upselling.

Personalisation has become an essential element of service

Oaky offer hotels a new approach to automate individualised upselling.

Reach out to your guests with a personalised message

1. Create your segments
2. Attach segments to Oaky’s pre-set deals or create your own
3. Oaky handles the rest
4. Watch the upsells take off!

Use the element of time to your advantage

By using our unique upselling data, Oaky predicts when to send upsell emails to maximise open and conversion rates.

*Time of day vs conversion: Oaky’s data shows why timing is important.

Upsell Forecast

Calculate your hotel’s incremental revenue potential.

From easy set-up to
powerful insights

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and find out your hotel’s incremental revenue potential.
Learn best practices on selling room upgrades, reselling rooms,
increasing TRevPar and letting your guests upgrade their stay.

Simple Configuration

Choose from predefined best-selling deals and templates with high conversion rates
– no upselling experience necessary.

Dedicated Support

Our support team consits of upselling experts who are dedicated to helping your hotel
get the most out of Oaky. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Speak Your Guest’s Language

Communicate with your guests in their native language.
Oaky currently supports 10 guest-facing languages including Russian, Spanish and French.

Powerful Stats & Insights

We give you valuable insights to skyrocket your conversion rates and increase your sales.
Track your sales effortlessly with the online reporting dashboard.


We like to keep it simple – so we’ve integrated with the Property Management Systems and Channel Managers you already use.