How it works

Meet Paul

He booked a stay at The Grand Hotel.

How it works:


Personal invitation by email

At just the right time between the booking and arrival, your guest Paul is invited via e-mail. With one click he logs-in to the web-app without any download required.


The best deals

Quickly thereafter Paul upgrades his room, pre-purchases a bike for rent and shares that he’s coming to the city to run the marathon.


A great first impression upon arrival

At the check-in, Paul receives information about the marathon, bike tours in the area and the key to his upgraded Suite.


Real-time feedback in the restaurant

When having dinner, he is disappointed with being seated at a table with poor view. Paul shares feedback with the hotel using Oaky. He is commenting that he was unhappy about the dinner table. Normally he would share this after check-out on Tripadvisor


Fantastic follow-up

Before checking out, Paul is addressed by the hotel which promises to arrange a dinner with the best view next time.

By using Oaky, Paul has been able to customise his stay before arrival and to share his experience and get help during stay. From using Oaky, Paul is more satisfied with his stay compared to a regular guest.

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