“Oaky got me. Again”

Last week, I met Joris. He’s a friend that I know via Oaky, also working in hotel technology and often staying in hotels. Just as we met, he smiled at me and said: “Oaky got me. Again.”

“Haha, what do you mean?” I replied with anticipation.

Well. I had booked a hotel in Brussels that is using Oaky. Then before arrival, I got the pre-arrival email from the hotel. I clicked my way into the offerings, and I thought. Oh, a Superior Room for only €15, that’s nice. Oh, and breakfast – only €12. I’ll take that too.”

Joris continued:

“Several add-ons and one room upgrade later I had spent another €55 to my stay. After 2 minutes my shopping spree was over. I closed my phone. And then it hit me. Just one month earlier I had done exactly the same. Oaky got me. Again.”

Haha! This was the best story I heard all week =)

Our team shared a proud moment to this funny user-experience.

Joris, we hope you slept well in the Superior room and that your breakfast was delicious.

And hope to get you next time, too!

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