Product upgrade:
a revamped dashboard

We’re very proud to release a revamped and modernized dashboard that makes working with Oaky even easier. It has been our biggest product update ever and it’s making the life’s of our current clients much more pleasant.


Customer interviews

After doing several interviews with our clients we found out we needed to improve on a few critical parts. We needed the system to be easier to maintain and making it more efficient/faster. To make this possible we had to decrease the duplicate code and this update was a necessity to start building new features and create more integrations with PMS providers.

So, what are the major changes?

  1. We separated the system into different projects (modules)
  2. We refactored the backend and front end of the dashboard and application
  3. We made the importing part more efficient (from a code point of view) and more flexible at the same time
  4. We changed the way the feedback part works for the front desk. It’s easier to track whether feedback has been dealt with or not.

“I’m most proud of the release itself. Being able to push such a big update without major bugs. That’s what makes me excited!” Tako Paddenburg – Product Manager

Benefits for current clients

  1. Faster system
  2. We will be able to start improving the system and add new features faster
  3. Feedback upgrade: easier for the front desk to work with the feedback

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Lars Jonker